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She Runs With Vampires

"Watch Me Change this World Inside Of You"

8 May 1984
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About the Girl

The name is Talia (Pronounced Tall-Yuh) i'm 28, and live in East Texas with my amazing husband Josh and quirky 7 year old son Gauge. We're both originally from East Texas. Yes that's right i'm a Southern girl born and raised. We spent 5 years in Japan and it was amazing.!

I'm a lifelong Goth chick. I've always been drawn to the darker end of the spectrum, music and dance are my heart. I'm a bass guitarist, a gothic/alternative model, and a my claim to fame is I played an exotic dancer in James Gunn's "Super"

    I AM

  • ~*Wife
  • ~*Lover
  • ~*Mother
  • ~*Friend
  • ~*Dreamer
  • ~*Poet
  • ~*Dancer
  • ~*Aspiring Alternative Model
  • ~*Fun
  • ~*Feisty
  • ~*Mischievious
  • ~*Understanding
  • ~*Moody
  • ~*Messy
  • ~*Restless
  • ~*Unique
  • ~*Sensitive
  • ~*Creative
  • ~*Chaotic
  • ~*Vastly Unorthodox
  • ~*Open Minded
  • ~*Politically Incorrect
  • ~*Game Nerd
  • ~*Beautiful
  • ~*Fun
  • ~*Feisty


    My home on the web since 2005

    Nothing but the pretty.


      I Have

    • ~* A RED
      HOT Temper.
    • ~* An Affinity and a thirst for knowledge about all things paranormal, along with INVESTIGATING the paranormal.
    • ~* A Love of the 40's pin-up era, and performing burlesque.
    • ~* An Ambition to be a Pin-Up/Gothic/Alternative Model.
    • ~* A Very Sensitive Nature.
    • ~* A Tendency to be to hard on myself.
    • ~* A Tendency to cry to easily.
    • ~* A weird habit of crying at sad TV commercials and Shows.
    • ~* The wild idea to bake cakes at 3am
    • ~* A love and affinity for the Darker side of life.
    • ~* A serious Vampire Fetish.
    • ~* Love for playing the Bass.
    • ~* A Secret longing to be a Rock Star.
    • ~* Knowledge that I can kick your ass at Burnout on Playstation.

        She LOVES

      • ~* My husband in nothing but Boxers.
      • ~* Playing with our gorgeous son Gauge.
      • ~* Music, particularly Metal/Goth
      • ~* Going to Shows.
      • ~* Reading and learning about the occult.
      • ~* Goth Clubs and Fetish Balls.
      • ~* Gothic Auctions.
      • ~* Drawing and Painting.
      • ~* Writing Stories and Poetry.
      • ~* Cats.
      • ~* Photography.
      • ~* HARRY POTTER.
      • ~* Creating and Sewing Original Clothing.
      • ~* Singing Kareoke.
      • ~* Intelligence.
      • ~* Runny, Smudgy Eyeliner.
      • ~* Psychology.
      • ~* Playing Bass.
      • ~* Acting.
      • ~* E-Bay.
      • ~* Good Chocolate.
      • ~* Corsets.
      • ~* Cars.
      • ~* Street Racing.
      • ~* Faeries.
      • ~* Tattoos.
      • ~* Body Modification.
      • ~* Chick Flicks.
      • ~* Cooking.
      • ~* Baking.
      • ~* Modeling.
      • ~* Chilvary.
      • ~* Growing Things.
      • ~* Walking Barefoot on the Grass.
      • ~* Laughing Until My Stomach is sore.
      • ~* Putting Something On and Having It Fit Perfectly.
      • ~* Purring Kitties or Snoring Puppies In My Lap.
      • ~* Girls Nights Out.
      • ~* Hanging Out With Friends around a Bonfire and drinking some beer.
      • ~* Being a Total Geek.
      • ~* Toe Socks and Stripey Tights/Socks.
      • ~* Playing Ulitma Online or X-Box 360 with hubby and friends.

          She Loathes

        • Narrowmindesness
        • Stupid people
        • People who try to shove their beliefs down your throat
        • Carelessness
        • Cruelty to animals
        • Murphy's Law
        • Mean people
        • REALLY BAD Music
        • Bad haircuts
        • Homophobes
        • Bad drivers
        • Bitter cold weather
        • Huge Crowds
        • The Fact that great clothing is so friggin expensive
        • Flying
        • Inflated gas prices
        • Politics
        • Whining
        • Ridiculous Standards For Beauty

40 below summer, a perfect circle, adema, alice in chains, all animals, anne rice, art, avenged sevenfold, bam margera, bass guitar, bdsm, beauty, being a groupie, bell's theorem, bella morte, belly dancing, betty page, bile, blood, blood fetish, body art, body modification, body piercing, bondage, boots, boys in eyeliner, boys in fishnets, breaking benjamin, burlesque, captain morgan, cats, charmed, chocolate, coal chamber, corsets, cradle of filth, dani filth, daughtry, depeche mode, derision, diet coke, disturbed, dita von teese, down, drain sth, earshot, erotica, evanescence, eyeliner, faeries, fairies, family guy, fan boys, fan girls, fetish, fiona apple, fishnets, five finger deathpunch, flaw, free speech, ghost hunters, ghosthunters, ghosts, godhead, gothic, groupies, harry potter, hatebreed, him, icp, in this moment, kidney thieves, killswitch engage, korn, kraven moorehead, lace, lacuna coil, leather, lillies, live, london after midnight, lost girl, low poly, magick, marilyn manson, metal, metallica, mideavil, missy margera, modeling, mudvayne, muse, my chemical romance, mythology, nickelback, night, nine inch nails, orgy, otep, papa roach, parapsychology, photography, poe, poetic souls, pole dancing, porn, primer55, prodigy, psoulpatch, psychology, pyschadelic stuff, ramnstein, rob zombie, romance, sarah mcclachlan, seraphim shock, sevendust, slayer, slipknot, snakes, soulfly, soundgarden, stabbing westward, staind, static-x, stilletos, stone temple pilots, stonesour, street racing, system of a down, taproot, taps, tattoos, the client list, the crystal method, the cure, the paranormal, the tudors, the walking dead, three days grace, tigers, tool, tori amos, tracy bonham, true blood, vampires, vinyl